Www.https Website Review & Ratings + Hart Energy Coupons
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Www.https Website Review & Ratings + Hart Energy Coupons

Hart Energy: Products & Services

Hart Energy serves stakeholders in the energy industry.

Their services are offered to members.

They employ several sites to distribute information, including:

  • OilandGasInvestor.com
  • A-Dcenter.com
  • UGcenter.com
  • MidstreamBusiness.com

They are responsible for several popular publications in the energy industry, such as:

  • Oil and Gas Investor
  • Midstream Business
  • FUEL
Hart Energy: Company Background
  • Hart Energy is based inHouston,Texasand was founded in 1973.
  • For more than thirty years, Hart Energy has been the leading provider of energy news.
  • Their clients include companies in the energy industry and their investors who need information on oil and gas.
  • They produce specialized technical newsletters and also host industry executive conferences
Hart Energy: Customer Feedback & Reviews
  • Clients of Hart Energy have access to the most current information in the energy sector
  • They provide several options for their customers to get in touch with them when they need assistance
  • If you need help with becoming a member, they can also help
  • They offer free trials of most of their products, including Diesel Fuel News, Refinery Tracker, Ethanol Market and Gasification News.
Hart Energy: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • Hart Energy offers a world class service to their clients.
  • Their team has received several awards, including the Gold “Azbee” awards from ASBPE. 
  • Their energy GIS database serves as the foundation for custom mapping and the printed map products that are developed by other organizations.
  • Their award winning writers provide expert commentary on global energy issues
Hart Energy: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • Hart Energy’s website, Hartenergy.com, has been online for over eight years.
  • They have a good Google page rank of 5.
  • They currently rank as 1,129,552 in the world, according to Alexa.
  • Their rank in the United States is 626,677.
  • 17% of the visitors to the site arrive there by entering a search term in one of the popular search engines.
Hart Energy: Social Media Presence
  • Hart Energy maintains a Twitter page. Clients can follow them @hartenergyconf in order to stay up to date on the largest unconventional gas conferences worldwide.
  • They have 3,144 followers and have made 1,605 tweets.
  • They also maintain a FaceBook page where they have 177 friends
  • They use their FaceBook page to release snippets on current events
Hart Energy: Website Security & Safety
  • Hartenergy.com is not currently listed as suspicious when tested with Google safe browsing.
  • Over the past ninety days, their website did not function as an intermediary for the distribution of viruses, Trojans, root kits or other malware.
  • The site has not hosted any malicious software over the past three months.
Hart Energy: Pricing & Packages
  • Hart Energy has several publications which feature award winning commentary from their talented team
  • Free trials are available for most of their publications

Their reports provide valuable information to the following stakeholders in the energy industry:

Hart Energy: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • Some of Hart Energy’s products may be accessed online
  • If you order a directory, you will have to add 12.50 for shipping and handling
  • For example, they operate several websites, including the Eagle Ford Directory, E&P website and the Unconventional Gas Center.
  • Shipping is available for subscribers outside of theUnited States
  • Applicable postage is added to deliveries outside of the United States and Canada
Hart Energy: Payment Methods Accepted

Hart Energy magazine packages usually include special reports and supplements, as well as playbooks.

Subscribers may pay for their magazines by using one of the following credit cards:

At this time, customers cannot pay for their purchases usingWestern Unioncash, PayPal, e-checks or Google check out.

Hart Energy: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • Hart Energy has a privacy policy that determines how they use the information that they collect from their clients
  • There are several points at which they need to collect personal data, including initial registration and when you are placing an order
  • They may also send information and updates on your orders by email
  • they do not have a clearly stated policy on returns
Hart Energy: Product images & screenshots
Hart Energy Coupons
Best Available Hart Energy Coupon:
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